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Medical unity or disparity?

Medieval artes manuscripts often appear to be a hodgepodge of unrelated texts, haphazardly bound together for convenience. Even in cases where the texts in a convolute manuscript share a similar subject matter, they seldom demonstrate evidence of a preconceived plan, carefully laid out and uniformly executed. For instance, the texts may have been scribbled down at various times, sometimes even in different centuries, by various hands. The layout of the pages can be seen to change throughout the manuscript, the content will regularly overlap or even directly contradict itself. Several medical manuscripts in the Utrecht University Library follow this pattern. Yet in Hs. 687 we seem to have found an artes manuscript containing but a single text… or have we?

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A 300-year-old university in pictures

Utrecht University has a glorious history. Since its founding in 1636 it has educated many thousands of students. However, at its 300th anniversary in 1936, the focus was on the ‘physical’ heritage of Utrecht University. A special , handwritten book saw the light of day, containing an overview of the immovable properties the university possessed at that time.