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The morality of Job

The text of the Moralia in Job by church father Gregory the Great has served as a theological treatise on Christian ethics. The Moralia was particularly meant for the clergy, and this is also true for Ms. 87 (3 A 3) which belonged to the Utrecht Augustinian Canon Regulars of the Regulierenklooster. It is a luxurious manuscript, with beautiful historiated initials which to a large extent follow the already existing traditional imagery of the Moralia. Rather striking, however, is the occurence of a number of strange and fanciful creatures: what relation do they have with Gregory’s Moralia text?

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A beautiful edition of Vondel’s 'Gysbrecht van Aemstel'

‘Back in the good old days one still knew how to make beautiful books’ is often heard when people get the chance to browse through old printed works. A book for which this remark certainly holds true, is the reprint of Joost van den Vondel’s Gysbrecht van Aemstel which appeared in two volumes with the Haarlem publisher Bohn in 1900. This monumental edition is characterized by a beautiful design and wonderful ornaments, illuminations and letters. A tour of a ‘monument of decorative art’ …