From the treasury
The Codex Lerma: a Spanish musical treasure with scrawls

The Utrecht University Special Collections houses a manuscript that is rather different in several respects. It is big, broken and fragile, with musical notations in careless script. The Codex Lerma looks a mess, but as is often the case with manuscripts: things don’t always look as they seem.

Recently digitized
Philippine, once a strong harbour fortress

To visitors of the small town of Philippine in the middle of Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen (a part of the province of Zeeland) harbours or seas won’t come immediately to mind. With the exception of the Philippine canal there is hardly any water around. Yet for a long period of time, Philippine was a strategic harbour fortress. Old maps, such as this fortification plan from 1751 drawn by hand, bring the past of Philippine to life. The more so if the document – part of the digital exhibition of Fortress Europe has been georeferenced and can be compared with the present situation.