From the treasury
The first dated printed book in the Northern Netherlands

In 1473 the city of Utrecht had a real scoop. Here the first dated book appeared in the Northern Netherlands, printed with loose lead letters: the Historia scholastica by Petrus Comestor (ca. 1100-1179). This early print, a so-called incunable, came from the presses of the Utrecht book printers and publishers Nicolaes Ketelaer and Gerard de Leempt. The work testifies to the remarkable printers’ history of Utrecht, to which the University Library has devoted a digital exhibition of Utrecht incunables and a geographical interface.

Recently digitized
Hoekendijk’s journals

The horrors of the Second World War encroached deeply on the lives of many Dutchmen. Some of them were forced to flee their native country. One of them was the Utrecht theologian Johannes Christiaan (Hans) Hoekendijk. His account of his flight from Holland, his internment in Switzerland and his journey around the world in 1944-1945 was not made public until 2016. The journals or logbooks not only fill in the gaps in his life story, but also offer a unique insight in the life of a man on the run in a strife-torn world, searching for his destiny as an act of healing.