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Augustine between heaven and earth

Besides the Bible there are a number of works which have greatly influenced Catholic theology. One of these works is De civitate Dei (‘About the City of God’), written by Church Father Augustine in the beginning of the 5th century. In this work he describes the conflict between two cities: the earthly city and the city of God. Many handwritten copies of De civitate Dei from the Middle Ages have survived. One of the most beautiful, illuminated examples is Ms. 42 in Utrecht University Library, which once belonged to a Dutch nobleman.

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The Utrecht monuments through the eyes of an ‘impostor’

‘Cavernous and cold, and at any rate a spot totally unsuitable for study.’ These are the words Joannes Jacobus Franciscus Wap (1806-1880) used in De Stad Utrecht (1859-1860) to describe the city library which was housed until 1820 in the choir of the Janskerk (St. John’s Church). In that year the ‘sombre choir was avoided’ and the collection moved to the rooms in the former palace of king Louis Napoleon at the Wittevrouwenstraat. According to Wap a large step forwards and Utrecht ‘may be proud to own such a library and to show it to the world of learning that comes to visit it, from far and near.’