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A medical hodgepodge

Some medieval books contain one or more specific texts that belong together since their inception. There are also medieval books where separate manuscripts ended up together, but they have no connection with each other. A later owner of the texts combined them into one book. These books are called ‘convolutes’. An example of such a convolute is Ms. 688 from the Utrecht University Library. It contains several medical and astrological texts that are written down over a span of more than 100 years and ended up together in one book.

Recently digitized
A 300-year-old university in pictures

Utrecht University has a glorious history. Since its founding in 1636 it has educated many thousands of students. However, at its 300th anniversary in 1936, the focus was on the ‘physical’ heritage of Utrecht University. A special , handwritten book saw the light of day, containing an overview of the immovable properties the university possessed at that time.