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A seventeenth-century travel guide: the description of England by Abraham Booth

Today, anyone who wishes to travel abroad need only look for their destination online, or simply pick up a guidebook at the bookshop. Questions about the history, laws, or customs of other countries can generally be answered with a quick search on the internet or a short trip to the library. These options were clearly not available to the early modern reader. Perhaps Abraham Booth, secretary of the Dutch East Indian Company (VOC), intended to provide such information when he penned his Description of England, or Englandts Descriptie, in 1630.

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A chronicle in colour

As a rule, incunables are not known for their exuberant look and content. However, the chronicle Fasciculus temporum is a positive exception to this general rule. It is a masterpiece, both in terms of typography and illustrative art. What’s more: the edition presented here was published in Utrecht in 1480.