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The collection of Coptic manuscripts in Utrecht University Library

Berlin, Heidelberg, Copenhagen, Lund, Oslo, Princeton, Utrecht: these cities all have in common that their university libraries possess papyri or other objects which used to belong to the German coptologist Carl Schmidt (1868-1938). In 1956, as the last one in line, Utrecht acquired some special papyri and parchment manuscripts, a few containing unique texts.

Recently digitized
Discover the old maps of the Netherlands

In previous centuries many maps and town plans were produced of Dutch territory. Focusing on various purposes, generations of cartographers made all kinds of cartographic images of cities, areas, provinces or of the entire territory. Over thousands of these kinds of maps of the Netherlands and the Dutch regions, ranging from small-scale to large-scale, have recently been scanned and made online available. The collection of cartographic documents is also georeferenced, making searching and analysing this collection a lot easier. The maps offer a striking illustration of the spatial development of the Netherlands in the period between 1550-1850.