From the treasury
The collection of Coptic manuscripts in Utrecht University Library

Berlin, Heidelberg, Copenhagen, Lund, Oslo, Princeton, Utrecht: these cities all have in common that their university libraries possess papyri or other objects which used to belong to the German coptologist Carl Schmidt (1868-1938). In 1956, as the last one in line, Utrecht acquired some special papyri and parchment manuscripts, a few containing unique texts.

Recently digitized
The Camphuysen manuscript

Since 1960 the Library of the Utrecht University (NL) possesses an important source of Dutch keyboard music from the second half of the seventeenth century. The manuscript (Ms. 20 A 5) has a parchment binding, and the scribe has written on printed blank music paper from the Amsterdam publisher Paulus Matthijsz († 1684). It has now been edited in its entirety for the first time.