History of science

Das triumphirende perpetuum mobile Orffyreanum (1719), P qu 752

The history of science is an extremely varied research area. The origins of all of our achievements and knowledge can be traced back to the research and discoveries of scholars who have gone before us. This human quest for progress is a fascinating story.

The Special Collections includes a selection of manuscripts, early printed works and mapsthrough which the progress of science from the Middle Ages onwards can be closely followed.

The focus areas of the Special Collections are the themes theology, astronomy, medicine and veterinary medicine. In addition to these areas of study, several other areas are well represented in the Special Collections: the natural sciences (the Institute for History of the Natural Sciences collection), philosophy (the works of Descartes and Dutch Cartesianism), and law (the collections of Rosendalius, Matthaeus, Van Eck, Fruin and Molengraaff, among others).

The Special Collections also include works that were pivotal in the development of science in other subject areas.

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