Digitized manuscripts, printed works, and maps

An increasingly large proportion of the Utrecht special collections, consisting of old editions, manuscripts, maps and charts, is being digitized and is available online, meaning these documents can be consulted at all times anywhere there is an Internet connection. Digital items are excellently suited to use in education and research. There are two ways to verify whether an item is available digitally:

  • Using the catalogue for books and other printed publications. Click on ‘Advanced search’, then select ‘digitally available?’. Then fill in your search terms. The search will only include documents available digitally. When you click on a hit, the URL (website address) of the digitised document is displayed under ‘Availability’.
  • Using the browser for digitized special collections documents. Fill in your search terms (title words) using Ctrl f(ind).

Clicking on the URL (in the catalogue) takes you to the website where you can view the document. You can browse through books, atlases and multiple-page manuscripts and navigate to specific pages. For many of the documents, scholarly commentary is also included there. The details of all documents, including maps, can be seen using a viewer.

Some of the pages of text can be read by the computer, allowing you to search for a word or combination of words. Please note, however, that this automatically generated text may contain errors. The text can also be copied and pasted into a word-processing programme.