Markham's masterpiece revived : containing all knowledge belonging to the smith, farrier or horse-leach, touching the curing all diseases in horses : drawn ... from approved experience and ... practice of the best horse-marshals ... : divided into two bo

Auteur: Markham, Gervase

Periode: 3. Stalmeestertijd (1500-1800)

Uitgegeven in: 1694

Categorie: Gebruik : Sport

Onderwerp: Diergeneeskunde

Trefwoorden: Diergeneeskunde
Diergeneeskunde. Paard
Veterinary Medicine, horse

Beschrijving: De appendix met eigen titelp. en paginering o.d.t.: An appendix, containing the exacteth receipts for curing all diseases in oxen, cows, sheep, hogs, goats, and all small cattel ; The compleat jockey met eigen titelp. en paginering o.d.t.: The complete jockey; or the most exact rules and methods to be observed for the training up of race-horses81-397 als 79-395

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