Exhibition Zwolle Bible

Until the 8th of January 2012 the Zwolle Museum de Fundatie exhibits among others the Zwolle Bible (Ms. 31). This masterpiece from the collection of the University Library of Utrecht is part of the exposition Van Albrecht Dürer en Thomas a Kempis: kunst en handschriften uit de tijd van de Moderne Devotie (From Albrecht Dürer and Thomas a Kempis: art and manuscripts from the periode of the Devotio Moderna). Around 1500 the middle ages came to an impressive end with the works of artists such as Albrecht Dürer en Quinten Massys, while the renaissance was gaining momentum. The 15th and early 16th centuries were also the period in which the Devotio Moderna reached its apex and Thomas a Kempis wrote his Imitation of Christ, after the Bible the most popular book in Christianity.

Van Albrecht Dürer en Thomas a Kempis is centered around the themes of the passion of Christ, a main topic in both the Devotio Moderna as in the visual arts of the time. One of the most important centers of book production at the end of the 15th century was the Fraterhuis in Zwolle. Here the brothers of the Devotio Moderna and pupils of the Latin School copied many religious texts, which were decorated with detailed miniatures. One of these texts was the Zwolle Bible, six massive volumes from the collection of the University Library of Utrecht. Two of the six volumes are included in the exposition. The makers of the miniatures in the Zwolle Bible probably also decorated a number of the so-called 'Sarijs-manuscripts', of which no less then fifteen are exhibited in Museum de Fundatie

Besides Van Albrecht Dürer en Thomas a Kempis there are other activities about the Devotio Moderna in Zwolle this winter. For example, the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle (City Museum Zwolle) hosts the expositions Aan God gehecht: het verhaal van de Moderne Devotie  (Attached to God: the story of the Devotio Moderna) and Door geloof gedreven: Hedendaagse kunstenaars met werk over hun geloof  (Driven by faith: modern artists with creations about their faith). The first exposition also shows two manuscripts of the University Library of Utrecht: a copy of Dirc van Herxen's Eerste Dietse Collatieboec of 1445 (Ms. 3 L 6), and a composite manuscript with songs of about 1400 (Ms. 16 H 34). In the Historisch Centrum Overijssel (Historical Centre Overijssel) there is Een expositie over God (An exposition about God) of the visual artist Henk Heideveld. Publishing house Waanders publishes Moderne Devotie: Terug naar de bron met Geert Grote (1340-1384) en Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471) (Modern Devotion: back to the source with Geert Grote (1340-1384) and Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471)).