Manuscripts from St Paul's Abbey

The University Library of Utrecht holds the medieval collections of handwritten and printed works from the libraries of a number of cloisters and chapters of Utrecht. Thus also from St Paul's Abbey. The 44 volumes with handwritten texts and 68 volumes with printed matter have been investigated for a number of years. The results of this research has now been published in De nalatenschap van de Paulusabdij in Utrecht ('The legacy of St Paul's Abbey in Utrecht'. Hilversum: Verloren, 2012), edited by Hildo van Engen and Kaj van Vliet. This book contains ten contributions about the history of St Paul's Abbey.

The books from the library of St Paul's Abbey are discussed in Peter Gumbert, 'Handschriften in de bibliotheek van het Paulusklooster' ('Manuscripts from the library of St Paul's Abbey', 91-102) en Bart Jaski, 'Een codicologische queeste naar de oudste handschriften en handschriftfragmenten uit de bibliotheek van de Paulusabdij' ('A codicological quest for the oldest manuscripts and manuscript fragments from the library of St Paul's Abbey, 103-169). With regard to the manuscripts, the legacy of  St Paul's Abbey is much more impressive than used to be thought, with relatively much material from the 11th and 12th centuries. This also includes a number of interesting liturgical manuscript fragments. The results of this research is partially based on research done by students of the University of Utrecht.