Projects and activities

Projects and activities

The Special Collections of Utrecht University Library are brought into the limelight in various ways. The library participates in a range of projects to share its academic heritage and make it accessible to a wider audience. The library also co-organises and lends items to exhibitions, and highlights the Special Collections by participating in all kinds of activities, such as Cultural Sunday (Culturele Zondag). An overview of the most recent projects, activities and loans is available here.

July 2019

June 2017

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July 2015

  • Booth's travel journals from the 17th century online. Read more.
  • Website Utrecht Chronicles now live. Read more about this website (in Dutch).

January 2015

  • On the occasion of a cartographic exhibition in the National Library of Singapore, Utrecht University Library has given in loan a cartographic masterpiece. It concerns a Buginese chart of the East Indian Archipelago from the early 19th century. More about this loan and exhibition.

November 2014

  • On November 27th 2014 the official consignment of a loan of the library of the Levensverzekeringsmaatschappij Utrecht (Life insurance company Utrecht) took place in Utrecht University Library. It concerns over 750 titles from the time period 1622-1963, mainly old printed works but also some maps and manuscripts. This loan consists of the natural part of the collection 'Utrecht'. The economic-historical and typographical part has been given in loan to the Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief/Instituut voor Internationale Sociale Geschiedenis (NEHA/IISG) in Amsterdam in 2013. More about the loan to the Utrecht University Library.
  • Project Fortress Europe: Sieges and fortifications on the map launched on 11 November.
  • Utrecht Psalter nominated for Unesco Memory of the World. Read more (in Dutch).

July 2014

  • In the context of the 430st anniversary of the Utrecht University Library, two lustrum concerts are organized on October 3rd and December 19th 2014. These concerts take place in the Utrecht Aula and Pieterskerk, and will be based on music documents from the Special Collections. More about these lustrum concerts and registration.

June 2014

  • Leo Lousberg receives the Utrecht Geschiedenisprijs (Utrecht History Prize) from the board of Oud-Utrecht for his article ‘Verklonken Utrechts erfgoed: een twaalfde-eeuws antifonarium', about manuscript fragments from the library of St Paul's Abbey which are now in the University Library of Utrecht.

May 2014

  • 22 May: Delegation of Oman visits Special Collections.
  • 17 May: Keltisch Colloquium in the Bucheliuszaal of the Utrecht University Library. Including a lecture on Irish influences on the Utrecht Psalter and an exhibition of original documents and facsimiles of manuscripts of 'Celtic' origin.
  • ‘Een hemels cieraad van harmonie: het orgel van de Waalse Kerk te Leiden in perspectief’ published, with attention given to the report of Klaas Bolt from 1967 which is in the Utrecht Organ Archives.

February 2014

  • 22 February: symposium Als archieven spreken ...... een kennismaking met unieke Utrechtse orgelarchieven, organized by Stichting Utrecht Orgelland, in cooperation with the Utrecht Universitity Library and Stichting Utrechts Orgelarchief Maarten Albert Vente.
  • The first transcription of the Middle-Dutch Spiegel der monniken now published by Utrecht students.

January 2014

October 2013

August 2013

  • Ceremony of the transference of the archives of organ builders Fama & Raadgever to the University Library of Utrecht features on Chinese network television, CNC World.

July 2013

June 2013

March 2013

January 2013

  • Henk Westbroek's interview with Arnoud Visser in the University Library Uithof about annotated books on RTV Utrecht.

December 2012

  • Article about the edition and translation of Buchelius' notes as church elder in the Reformatorisch Dagblad.
  • Restorer Cor Knops published a blog about the restoration of the Atlas maior and the Toonneel der steden by Blaeu.
  • Symposium on the Atlas maior and Toonneel der steden by Blaeu; 14 December 2012; Boothzaal Utrecht University Library.

November 2012

  • RTV Utrecht was in the Utrecht University Library to film for the show Westbroek! For more information, see the website Dit vind ik bijzonder.
  • Ms 406 (Utrecht antiphonary of St Mary's Chapter, 12th-15th centuries) is now online at DIAMM (Digital Image Archive if Medieval Music)
  • The annotated books Hugo Grotius, Syntagma Arateorum, 1600 (Ms 1494), Abraham de Wicquefort, Journael, of dagelijcksch verhael van de handel der Franschen in de steden van Uytrecht en Woerden, 1674 (Hs 3 L 17 dl 1) and Vitruvius, De architectura, 1552 (Hs 1559 and AA qu 39) can now be consulted on the website of ABO (Annotated Books Online). The New York Times, among others, paid attention to this project.
  • The first part of two articles about the Utrecht Organ Archive Maarten Albert Vente in the University Library of Utrecht by Jaap den Hertog is published in Het Orgel nr. 6 (okt 2012), p. 14-21.
  • Documents from the Special Collections can be seen in the exhibition Literaire Meesters 2012: J. Slauerhoff, in de University Library City Centre.

October 2012

  • The new Digital Repository is now online. All the separate collections of Special Collections on one webite.
  • Maria Lamslag has published an article about the Flentge collection in Oud-Utrecht 85 nr 5 (2012), p. 122-127.

August 2012

  • On 25 August the second part of the exhibition Hemelse ontdekkingen ('Heavenly discoveries') begins in the Catharijneconvent, which only shows items from Special Collections. The Reformatorisch Dagblad published an item about it.

May 2012

April 2012

  • On 27 April the exhibition Hemelse ontdekkingen ('Heavenly discoveries') begins in the Catharijneconvent, which only shows items from Special Collections. The NRCReformatorisch Dagblad and Volkskrant published an item about it.

February 2012

  • Two digital supplements on the catalogue of illuminated and decorated manuscripts in the University Library of Utrecht now on-line.
  • Special Collections on RTV Utrecht: Universiteit opent digitale schatkamer ('University opens digital treasury').
  • Digital exhibition on the archives of the Italinist and Dante specialist Frans van Dooren.

January 2012