Utrecht University Library gets music manuscripts and library of Simon Vestdijk

The heirs of Dutch author Simon Vestdijk (1898-1971) have donated a collection of music pieces to Utrecht University Library: five fugues composed by the author and three texts which have been put to music by him. The fugues were composed and put in writing in Harlingen and Amsterdam. The three texts, including ‘Na zonsondergang aan zee’ by Frederik van Eeden,  are not dated, but are probably from the same period.

'A fairly good composer'

In view of the collection Dutch author Maarten ‘t Hart wrote in 1988 that Vestdijk could have become ‘at least a fairly good composer’.  Music played a frequent  part in Vestdijk’s literary activities.

Vestdijk’s library

Already in 1989  Vestdijk’s library had been given on loan to Utrecht University Library. This loan has now been turned into a gift. The collection consists of approximately 2.000 books, most of which literary works, and dozens of journal volumes. In many books we find notes, underlined phrases, or loose leaves with remarks. But also review copies sent by authors and inscribed by them. Vestdijk’s correspondence and manuscripts are housed in the Letterkundig Museum in The Hague.

Both Vestdijk’s music manuscripts and books from his library can be consulted at the Department of Special Collections of Utrecht University Library