Veterinary medicine

Pieter Almanus van Coer (1688). ODA 5971

Utrecht University is the only Dutch university to offer a veterinary medicine programme. It started in 1821 with the veterinary school (Rijksveeartsenijschool), which in 1925 became part of Utrecht University as the Veterinary Medicine Faculty (Veeartsenijkundige Faculteit). Its extensive collection of manuscripts and printed works on veterinary medicine is unique in the Netherlands.

The Special Collections include lecture notes from almost one hundred lecturers Veterinary Medicine, from the first director Theodoor G. van Lidt de Jeude (1788-1863) to lecturers of the 1970s.

The Special Collections also include the rich Historical Collection of the Veterinary Medicine Library, which includes around 10,000 publications from the 16th century onwards and several manuscripts and books of photographs. Verscheidene resepten op paarden en beesten te genezen, written by Johannes Gerard Bernard Kimmel in 1866, is a representative example (Hs. 14 F 56).

The collection also includes the book collections of Cornelis Simon Theodorus van Gink (1890-1968) and ‘Lacerta’ from the Dutch association of herpetology and terrarium studies (on loan).

The University Museum also has a Veterinary Medicine collection. Two digital exhibitions are devoted to the horse: one exhibition shows photos and videos and one shows digitized books (in preparation). The digitized books are also included in the Digital Special Collections.

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